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Tuesday 22 April 2014

Finishing off

Phewwww  Been busy for the last few days finishing off my professional practice work ready to hand in tomorrow. Nearly there n now disaster's struck! I ordered my photobook a week ago and paid over £14 postage to get the 'in your hand in 3 days' deal. I took into account the bank holiday and it should have been here only to find it's not actually being dispatched until tomorrow!!!! Furious n all they'll say is I would have been informed of this before I placed my order! ....... well obviously not or I wouldn't have ordered it!!!! I'll have to think of a way round it now.... if there is 1!  :(
My  photobook followed my journey from early drawings through to my final major project and I'm over the moon with it (when it actually arrives!)
Here are some of the pics from my journey through my degree

                                                      A collage from the early days

                                                       A mixed media drawing sheet

                                                  A screen print using foiling

                                                     A drawing sheet with hand stitching

                                     A small section of a hand embroidered 2 metre length

                 An acrylic painting from my final major project which I'm working on at present

                        Finally one of my designs for  a camisole  for my final major project

I hope you've enjoyed having a sneak peek at my journey. Thanx for stopping by. Hugz, Jayne xxx

Friday 18 April 2014

FMP Drawings and a change of heart !

I was working on my final major project earlier and sorting out what drawings I've got so thought I'd share a few of them with you so you can see what I've been up to while I've been absent from my blog!
My final project is based on 'the secret garden'. I have made a 'brave ' decision following my tutorial a few weeks ago and have decided that instead of designing collections for the gift market I am designing prints for fashion fabric.......namely for teen lingerie! Big turnaround but I've already got quite a lot done in the form of designs for giftwrap... with just a bit of 'tweaking' they'll be just perfect!!

Hope you've enjoyed your visit. Thanx for taking the taking the time to pop by and hope you all enjoy your holiday weekend. Hugz, Jayne xx

Good News

Well over the past weeks I've been really busy bringing together all my work for my professional practice ready to hand in next week. I've taken lots of pics of my work to put together a photo book of my creative journey throughout my degree. It's been printed and is on it's way as we speak! Can't wait to see it!
Whilst all that has been going on I've also continued contacting various companies to ask for sponsorship for my final major project and guess what? All at once it's coming together- I've managed to get not 1 but 2 sponsors in the space of a few weeks! AND there's another in the pipeline! just when I'd just about given up ..... just goes to show! :)
I'd like to thank Crafty individuals and That craft place for their support. They both sent me a fab collection of products to use in my work and I'm soooo grateful to them. It'll be really helpful when I come to put my final collections together.
Thanx for visiting. Enjoy your Good Friday whatever you're doing. Hugz, Jayne xx

Wednesday 12 March 2014

Gelli Plate Addiction!

Good morning all. I had a really busy day yesterday...worked from home and managed to get loads done :)
Well I've finally joined the ranks of those addicted to their gelli plates! I've had my gelli plate for months but wasn't sure what to do with it and just hadn't found the time to experiment with it. I've now attended 2 workshops with Sam Crowe, learning loads of different techniques and I'm off!!!!
Yesterday I made sure I did all my other uni jobs before I got my plate out lol. I created loads of prints with acrylic to use in my final collection. I'll be using them in cad and play  around with them before I use them for backgrounds and borders.
Here are a few of my faves

I used bits of lace , sequin waste and leaves to create them....not perfect but by the time I've finished in cad they'll be fab! The last one is my fave ...love the colours which fit my collection colour palette!
Hope you've enjoyed looking. Have a fab day whatever you're up to. Hugz, Jayne xx

Sunday 9 March 2014

All the way from Paris!

Good afternoon everyone and hope you're all enjoying a nice relaxing Sunday. I'm really busy today.... I've got a tutorial tomorrow for my professional studies so am spending the day trying to get all my work into some semblance of order ready! The living room floor is covered lol!
Today I'd like to share my embroidery samples with you all that went to Paris. The collection was designed for children's wear and was based on the song 'a windmill in old Amsterdam'
 My drawing sets included lots of mice, clogs, tulips and windmills and my colour scheme was reds and greys. I thought it would be fun to try and recreate fabrics like men's suiting to give it a different feel.

The samples were created on hand dyed fabrics using various methods and a variety of different embroidery techniques.
I was really pleased with the finished samples and really enjoyed working on them..... a huge change from my usual paper crafting work !!
Thanx for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your weekend. Hugz, Jayne xxx

Monday 3 March 2014

My Glamorous 50s collection

Happy Monday all . Today I'm going to share with you a peek at one of my previous collections based on the glamorous 50s. I won't show you the whole lot as there's 8 different mini collections within the whole ...... it'll just give you an overview!
I've always loved looking at pictures of the 50's.....all feminine and glamour, fab clothes, stunning jewellery and gorgeous movie stars......style icons that have stood the test of time!

 A decorated candle with foiling and pearl embellishment.

This is the matching gift wrap, again embellished with hand foiling.
Purple textured wrap with glitter finish

Matching tag with glitter finish and gem embellishment.
Another gift wrap ......love the faded vintage look to the flowers.
Hope you've enjoyed looking at my work. Tomorrow I'll show you what I'm up to now . Have a good day whatever you're doing. Hugz, Jayne xxx

Saturday 22 February 2014

Busy Week !

Good morning all. First of all thankyou to all the lovely messages of support both on here and on my facebook for my exciting news. I appreciate it sooo much.
Well I've been off line for a week....a fault with my internet :(  We really don't realise how much we rely on it until we don't have it!!
Although I've been off line I've had a really busy week. I've been catching up on some of my professional studies work.....8 weeks till hand in  eeeek ! Better get myself into 'computer' mode :)
 I thought I'd share something I made outside of uni today. It was an order for a birth sampler with a difference..... a cute teddy bear holding a plaque. My client was over the moon with it.

The finished article

A closer look at the 'flower' in her hair.

Hope you've enjoyed your visit today. Enjoy your weekend  whatever you're  all up to. Hugz, Jayne xxx