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Tuesday 22 April 2014

Finishing off

Phewwww  Been busy for the last few days finishing off my professional practice work ready to hand in tomorrow. Nearly there n now disaster's struck! I ordered my photobook a week ago and paid over £14 postage to get the 'in your hand in 3 days' deal. I took into account the bank holiday and it should have been here only to find it's not actually being dispatched until tomorrow!!!! Furious n all they'll say is I would have been informed of this before I placed my order! ....... well obviously not or I wouldn't have ordered it!!!! I'll have to think of a way round it now.... if there is 1!  :(
My  photobook followed my journey from early drawings through to my final major project and I'm over the moon with it (when it actually arrives!)
Here are some of the pics from my journey through my degree

                                                      A collage from the early days

                                                       A mixed media drawing sheet

                                                  A screen print using foiling

                                                     A drawing sheet with hand stitching

                                     A small section of a hand embroidered 2 metre length

                 An acrylic painting from my final major project which I'm working on at present

                        Finally one of my designs for  a camisole  for my final major project

I hope you've enjoyed having a sneak peek at my journey. Thanx for stopping by. Hugz, Jayne xxx

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