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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Gelli Plate Addiction!

Good morning all. I had a really busy day yesterday...worked from home and managed to get loads done :)
Well I've finally joined the ranks of those addicted to their gelli plates! I've had my gelli plate for months but wasn't sure what to do with it and just hadn't found the time to experiment with it. I've now attended 2 workshops with Sam Crowe, learning loads of different techniques and I'm off!!!!
Yesterday I made sure I did all my other uni jobs before I got my plate out lol. I created loads of prints with acrylic to use in my final collection. I'll be using them in cad and play  around with them before I use them for backgrounds and borders.
Here are a few of my faves

I used bits of lace , sequin waste and leaves to create them....not perfect but by the time I've finished in cad they'll be fab! The last one is my fave ...love the colours which fit my collection colour palette!
Hope you've enjoyed looking. Have a fab day whatever you're up to. Hugz, Jayne xx


  1. These are great Jayne I love the colours especially the green and purple. Some Paper Piecing would be great with these, maybe we could do a bit of that in one of the classes. xx

  2. Thanx Sam. and yea that's a good idea. xx